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Dear Colleen,

Thank you for your generous donation of $300.00 to The River Food Pantry on March 24, 2020, in support of our COVID-19 Emergency Food Fund. Your support provides food, resources and faith to build a stronger community.

As Dane County continues to fight the coronavirus as a community, your gift helps meet the nutritional needs of thousands of food-insecure children, seniors and families. Because of your donation, The River is able to provide:

  • A daily average of 200 lunches to hungry children six days a week through our mobile lunch program, MUNCH.

  • Food delivery to 125 homebound seniors (and counting) through our free monthly delivery program for low-income older adults, Food Bridge.

  • An average of 90 pounds of emergency food and supplies to each household per visit through our curbside grocery distribution on Tuesday through Friday.

We are deeply grateful for our community’s tremendous support—both monetarily and emotionally. Many have shared with us words of encouragement that we feel are worth sharing with all of you:

“My heart goes out to everyone right now, especially families with many mouths to feed!”

“At times like these, the best thing to do is look out for each other. We must all stay strong.”

“We’ve got this, Madison! No one will be forgotten if we all do what we can.”

“We’ll get through the coronavirus as a community.”

“Helping our neighbors is the Wisconsin way.”

Your outpouring of positive messages is keeping our spirits high in this turbulent time. We will continue to monitor the situation as we stretch our services to provide for those in need.

Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time. We will get through this together.

With sincere appreciation,



Charles P. McLimans
President & CEO

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Below is a picture of a Stewardship Colleen was awarded by the Town of Dunn for building a park in her neighborhood. It will be hard to view on mobile

town of dunn stewardship award.PNG
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